Professional Mosaic Kit

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Mosaic kits to get you going or advance yourself in this excellent and engrossing craft.
These make great presents

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This Mosaic Tool Kit Contains:

1 x Carbide Tipped Cutter’s.
1 x Leponitt Nipper. Rolls Royce of the mosaic nipper world.
1 x Goggles. Protect your eyes from any misdemeanours.
5 x Masks. Save breathing in grout dust.
5 x Latex Gloves. For easy clean up after grouting.
1 x Rubber squeegee. Strong long lasting spreader.
1 x Syringe for Glue. For accurate placement of glue. Great for small pieces.
1 x Tweezers. For accurate placement of Small tiles.
1 x Sponge. Mosaic sponge will not fall to bits and get stuck in your grout.
1 x Mini Grout Cleaning Pad. Left your grout to long before cleaning off. Use this tool.
1 x PVA glue. Versatile and strong adhesive. Safe and easy clean up.
1 x 6 Wheeled Glass Cutter. Rotate the head to get the next fresh wheel.
1 x 500 Grams White Grout. Best grout on the market. Mould resistant.

+ Free practise tiles Get the feel of your tools before starting your project.


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