1 Foot square (30 X 30cm) Mosaic Mounting Mesh

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Using mesh is a great method to make a mosaic.
The mosaic can be made the correct way up in the warmth of the workshop and then moved to its final location.


1 square Foot, (30cm x 30cm).
Fibreglass mounting mesh.
Suitable for all types of tile.
Very strong, safe to use
If buying more than 1 metre it will be left on the roll for you to cut to your required length Hole in mesh size 4mm


1/ Firstly put your design on the work bench. (Pin this out)

2/ On top of this put cling film. (Pin this out)

3/ On top of that put the mash. (Pin this out)

4/ Using a paintbrush, use waterproof PVA glue (available cheaply from any builders) paint it on to the mesh and stick your tiles face upwards on to the mesh.

5/ Once you design is complete and the PVA is dry you will be able to lift it up and or turn it over.

6/ peel the cling film from the back of your design.

7/ Put a thin 1.5mm flat layer of adhesive on the wall or where ever you design will be installed.

8/ You will be able to lift your design up in one piece and press the whole thing into the adhesive.

Once the adhesive has gone off grout in the normal way.

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