All Colours Sizes Mirrorflex Sample pack

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A clean cut edge for a glitzy look. These sheets have a large range of applications If multiple sheets are purchased they marry perfectly together when fitted. Suitable for all areas. Simple to use. Very strong self adhesive backing. Can be used on walls, ceilings, furniture, splashbacks, and more. Easy to clean and maintain. Easy to trim to size using a craft knife. Lightweight and easy to install. Can be used for both interior and exterior applications.


Mirrorflex coloured mirror sample.

Silver, Copper/Bronze and gold Mirrorflex sample.

Sample sizes   10 x 5cm

1 x Silver 50 x 50mm tile
1 x Silver 25 x 25mm tile
1 x Silver 10 x 10mm tile
1 x Bronze 25 x 25mm tile
1 x Gold 25 x 25mm tile
1 x Gold 10 x 10mm tile

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