Mosaic Grid 10mm for Vitreous Mosaic Tiles

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Great fun mosaic grid. Use over and over again.
Try out different and repeat designs.
You can use these for making mosaic borders
Can be used by the young and old. A great and fun tool to be used with people with all kinds of learning difficulties.

For our vitreous 10mm range of tiles only


Mosaic Grids 10mm holds 841 x 1cm tiles. 1 full sheet.
Ideal for creating lettering etc to be incorporated into lager projects.
These are great for children, they love them.
Use them to experiment with different tiles, colours and patterns. Use again and again.
The advantage of this method is that you are able to work with the tiles the correct way up (flat side)
  Vitreous, Gold dust and Iridescent 10mm tiles only

How to use these Grids
If you want to immortalise your mosaic project simply stick brown paper on to the finished design with wall paper adhesive.
When dry just lift paper and mosaic off the grid.
Place a thin layer of tile adhesive onto the surface where you want your design to be. Place you project into the adhesive paper side up. (this will be the front of your mosaic) Once dry remove paper fom the tiles by sponging with warm water. It is now ready for grouting.


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Weight 600.0 g