Leponitt Glass Mosaic Cutters. The Best Nipper There is.

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Known as the best mosaic kippers. These are known as the roles royce of nippers.Leponitt Glass Mosaic cutters are designed to make clean cuts every time, with little pressure needed. They are comfortable to use, and the only nipper you will need for all your glass and mosaic tile projects. Shop now to take advantage of our great prices and excellent customer service.


The absolute Rolls Royce of nippers.
Really lovely to use and extremely accurate.
Designed to easily cut glass without the use of a traditional glass cutter.
This cutter is especially good at quickly cutting small mosaic pieces of glass and at removing small points from a piece of glass.
This tool can cut glass up to 6.5mm [1/4 inch] with ease.
Will cut ceramic tile, mosaic, terrazzo, agate and shells.
This is the only nipper that will cut any new vitreous tile consistently.
Great for custom shaping of tiles and cutting up ceramic plates to make your own tessera.
The handles are designed for comfort, and since little pressure is needed, everyone finds them very easy to use.
The long lasting carbide wheels can be rotated for long life and are replaceable.

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Weight 450.0 g

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