75 Tile Sheet Golden Orange Gold Dust Tiles

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Very pretty Gold Dust 20mm mosaic tiles with streaks of gold running through them
A real eye catcher with a gold glint in a great range of colours

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75 tiles per sheet. Easy to remove from the sheet.
These tiles have a key on the back for the best adhesion.
Very strong and durable first quality vitreous mosaic tiles.
For all mosaic projects, indoors and out. 100% frost, water and fade proof.
These 20mm x 20mm [3/4 x 3/4 inch] tiles come in a superb range of colours which makes them an excellent and eye catching addition to every mosaic project and combine superbly with all other types of tiles.
Strong high temperature fired and shatter resistant so are suitable for stepping-stone and outside projects.
Come mesh backed so easy if you wish to apply a large amount of tiles at once. To use these tiles loose simply pull them from the backing

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