25g Mixed Medium Millefiori 7 to 8mm. Approx 60 pieces

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Previously known as Millefiori glass Mosaic beads.
The term millefiori a combination of the words is mille (1000) and fiori (flowers)
Very very pretty. Different designs with no hole. A real eye catcher in any mosaic


reddot 25 grams Approx 60 pieces  (amounts can vary by 15% depending on thickness) but you will always get 25g
reddot Best quality Millefiori are from the world renowned Atelier Effetre.
reddot Millefiori means 1000 flowers and that is the best way to describe these wonderful glass beads. They do not have a hole so cannot be threaded.
reddot The original technique of making millefiori can be traced back to its introduction in Venice in 568 from Asia.
reddot In the 13th century the production of millefiori was so valuable to Venice that the glassmakers were isolated on the island of Murano under the threat of death to prevent them from revealing trade secrets.


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