20g Ercolano Blue Pigment for Grout

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Best quality mineral pigments.
These will not leach of bleed. Can be mixed dry or wet.

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reddot Hand ground dry powder pigments made from natural minerals.
reddot Strict adherence to colour recipes ensure consistency from batch to batch.
reddot Washed, ground and sifted to create a fine powder, which can be easily mixed with both dry and wet ingredients to produce vivid stable colour.
reddot Small amounts of pigment should be added incrementally to the grout mixture until the desired colour intensity is reached.
reddot Purchase and mix all the grout needed to complete a project at once to ensure colour matching.
reddot How much you need? For example only 4 grams of red pigment in 100 grams of wet grout will create a dark pink.
reddot You can really make your mosaic stand out with these great pigments!

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