Bumper 1000 Pack Mixed 20mm Vitreous Mosaic Tiles

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1000 Mixed pack 20mm vitreous tiles.
Loads of colours here for you to choose from.
Loose so no soaking from the sheet

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1000 Vitreous 20x20x4mm thick mosaic tiles.
The best value vitreous tiles on the market anywhere that have a quality to price ratio that is impossible to beat.
Can easily be used without cutting so popular with schools and workshops.
100% Frost, water and fade proof. Non-slip finish on the front and a key on the back for the best adhesion.
Very strong and durable high temperature fired and shatter resistant so are suitable for stepping-stone and outside projects.
For all mosaic projects, indoors and out.
These 20mm x 20mm [3/4 x 3/4 inch] tiles come in a superb range of colours which make them an excellent base tile for your mosaic project and easily combine with all other types of tiles.

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