1 x 1 Metre Very strong Large Fibreglass Mosaic Mounting Mesh

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Using mesh is a great method to make a mosaic.
The mosaic can be made the correct way up in the warmth of the workshop and then moved to its final location.

Multiples of 1 meter will be sent in one length

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100cm X 100cm (39inch x 39inch).

Fiberglass mounting mesh.

Suitable for all types of tile.

Very strong, safe to use

Easy to cut with craft knife or scissors.

Hole in mesh size 4mm


1/ Firstly put your design on the work bench. (Pin this out)

2/ On top of this put cling film. (Pin this out)

3/ On top of that put the mesh.
(Pin this out)

4/ Using a paintbrush, use waterproof PVA glue (available cheaply from any builders) paint it on to the mesh and stick your tiles face upwards on to the mesh.

5/ Once you design is complete and the PVA is dry you will be able to lift it up and or turn it over.

6/ peel the cling film from the back of your design.

7/ Put a thin 1.5mm flat layer of adhesive on the wall or where ever you design will be installed.

8/ You will be able to lift your design up in one piece and press the whole thing into the adhesive.

9/ If is to large to move in
one piece simply cut it up on the work bench with a sharp blade between the
tiles in usable sizes and reassemble on the wall.

Once the adhesive has gone off grout in the normal way.

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